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We realize that the tastes, preferences and expectations of each customer are different, and therefore we try to meet individual consumer needs. In order to do this, we prepare an offer that will satisfy all expectations of our customers. An outline of our capabilities is presented below. For more details, please contact our company. All data can be found in the "Contact Us".
Injected and pickled brines



Preparations for brines used to prepare smoked meat products in casings or without. They are made from the highest quality products, taking into account the criteria: the size of the injection (growth), the fixation of colour and taste, and texture stability.

Phosphate preparations



High-quality phosphate preparations for various sectors of the food industry, used to activate muscle protein in minced and injected products.

Carrageenans and thickening preparations



Carrageenan preparations are based on pure raffinates and Kappa and Jota substances, they are used in the meat, poultry and fish industry. Thickening preparations (blends based on vegetable fiber, as well as modified starches) are intended to stabilize the texture and structure of meat products.

Proteins and protein preparations



Pork and beef animal protein, milk proteins, blood proteins, soy protein and combinations thereof are used in many branches of food industry, especially in the meat industry. They are used as products which enrich in protein, improve texture, or replace the original protein.

Colouring preparations



Colouring preparations, a group of agents used for colouring meat stuffing, smoked meat products and for surface colouring of cured meats and natural casings.




Preparations for emulsifying and stabilizing, water and fat binding. Designed for delicatessen products, meat pies and tinned meat.

Preparations prolonging food durability



These blends improve colouration and stabilization of the colour in meat products, as well as extend shelf life.

Preparations fixing



Preparations fixing a group of smoked meat products and for surface colouring of cured meats and natural casings.

Meat mincing preparations



Complete blends supporting the process of mincing, intended for the production of cooked sausages, homogenised meat stuffing and meat pies.

Aromatic and flavouring blends



Aromatic and flavouring mixtures include meat, spices and sweet aroma, they are completely soluble. These blends are designed for injected brines, reformed meat and tinned meat.

Spice blends for coarse, medium and finely chopped sausages




Spice blends for chopped sausages - full compositions of spices, flavourings and additives improving the taste, colouration and stabilization of colour in meat products.

Spice blends for delicatessena products (meat pies, brawns, roasting, broths)




Full composition of spices, vegetables and aromas, with a certain flavour, along with the additives, ensuring proper colouring, stabilization of pH and consistency.

Dried vegetables and spices



Cleaned, dried and properly shredded vegetables and natural spices. They are produced in the form of ready-to-use mixtures or separately.

Preparations for Fish Processing



A group of functional agents with broad spectrum. Used in fish processing as flavourings for seasoning, marinating, as well as the decorating fish products.


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