Aspolsmak Ltd.

Kraczkowa 1488 k/Rzeszow
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Telephone: + 48 17 860 55 63 do 65
Fax: + 48 17 860 54 07

NIP: 813-32-86-732



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Aspol Group consists of two sister companies Aspol Ltd. and AspolSmak Ltd.  ASPOL began its activity in the market of spices and additives in the meat production in 1999. At the beginning we operated as a distributor of several leading spice companies, but since 2004, having acquired experience in this industry, we have become a manufacturer with the brand name ASPOL SMAK. We not only manufacture and distribute our products, but also conduct technological tests in meat establishments of our customers throughout Poland and in several European countries.



Our spices are produced in a modern factory in accordance with EU standards, using the latest developments in the industry and at the same time taking into account the tradition of Polish meat industry. Teamwork and solidarity, broad experience and high quality of services guarantee your satisfaction. Currently AspolSmak Ltd. provides about 1,000 of its own products on the Polish and European market and 300 products on the markets of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. Our products include e.g. functional blends, spices, spice blends, herbal blends, dried vegetables, flavored salts, marinades, bread crumbs coatings, sprinkles, universal spices and many others. The company owns one of the most modern production plants in Poland, which was put into use in 2013. We also have our own Quality Control Laboratories and the Department of Research and Development.

Due to the diligence and commitment, we guarantee our customers that the products they get are the highest quality, strictly comply with the Polish and European standards, and are characterized by excellent taste and intense aroma.

AspolSmak Ltd. - Manufacturer of spices
Kraczkowa 1488 k/Rzeszowa, 37-124 Kraczkowa - Poland
tel. + 48 17 860 55 63 do 65, + 48 17 860 54 05 do 06, fax. +48 17 860 54 07, mail:


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