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Certyficates BRC

We are happy to inform you that Aspol group, which has its Factory in Kraczkowa 1488, has been awarded BRC Certificate Global Standard for Food Safety - one of the most famous and prestigious certificates in both Europe and the United States. We have received the certificate with the highest grade A. BRC certificate has been given on the basis of an audit by LRQA, as confirmation of compliance with the highest standards of quality and safety of produced food, consistent with the requirements of the Global Standard for Food Safety. The certificate was awarded in the category 15, which includes dried foods and food ingredients. The scope includes: production of spice blends and functional blends packed in paper bags with foil insert or in metallized plastic bags, and the production of sauces and liquid marinades packaged in plastic containers.  Having BRC is very important both in domestic and foreign contacts because this certification is a guarantee of quality and safety of produced food.

Global Standard for Food Safety is treated as a point of reference for the best practices of food industry. It was originally implemented as a response to the needs of the members of the British Association of Retailers (British Retail Consortium) but with time it became one of the most prestigious certificates not only in the UK but also in the whole world. All employees know and understand the objectives of the implemented system, and therefore they are constantly improving their awareness and qualifications.



Ukraine is an important direction of development for our group, and we have been on the Ukrainian market for many years. Below are the certificates issued by the Ukrainian services that confirm the presence of our company on that market.


Certificates presented below constitute a culmination of a long-lasting and difficult process of certification in the Customs Union.


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